Professional indemnity insurance provides cover for you from mistakes that you make at work that result in a financial loss to your client, specifically after you have provided them with a service or advice. For instance….

An architect designs a house. Their client then spends money on building the house, only to find that it collapses as the design was faulty. The client will sue the architect for the money that he has lost as a result of the architect’s negligence and the architect’s professional indemnity insurance will cover the costs plus any legal fees that are incurred (up to the limits of the policy). In this case, the architect has given advice to the client on how they should build a house; this advice has proven to be wrong as the house has fallen down, so Professional Indemnity covers the losses from the negligent advice.

Some of the most common professions requiring Professional Indemnity insurance are: Accountants, solicitors, architects, surveyors, consultants, web designers, advertising agents, engineers, manufacturers – in fact, any business who could be legally challenged for giving advice, design or specifications.

Insurance coverage can start from £50,000 sometimes lower and can go as high as £5,000,000. It is important for you to determine your own level of risk. One rule of thumb is to think how much it would cost to financially pay back your client if you make a mistake. So if you are an IT Contractor working on a large call centre telephone system and the whole system goes down due to your mistake, the potential loss would most likely be much bigger than an accountant whose only clients are small charities with low budgets and turnovers.

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