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Group Personal Accident & Business Travel Insurance

Insurance designed to protect employees or members of an organization against personal accident and whilst they are traveling for business purposes

Group Personal Accident & Business Travel Insurance is designed to protect employees or members of an organization against personal accident and whilst they are traveling for business purposes. It combines two essential components:

  • Group Personal Accident Insurance: This component provides financial protection to employees or group members in the event of accidental bodily injury, disablement, or death that occurs during the course of their employment or membership in the group. The coverage typically includes a lump sum payment in case of accidental death or permanent disability resulting from an accident. Additionally, it may offer weekly benefits for temporary disabilities and cover medical expenses related to the accident.

  • Business Travel Insurance: Business Travel Insurance covers employees or group members for a range of risks they might encounter during business-related trips. The coverage includes protection against travel-related incidents, such as trip cancellation or curtailment, lost or delayed baggage, emergency medical expenses while abroad, personal liability, and other travel-related risks. This can often be extended to personal leisure travel.

The key features of Personal Accident Insurance typically include:

  • Accidental Death Benefit: If an insured person dies due to an accident covered by the policy, a lump sum payment is made to their beneficiaries or dependents.

  • Permanent Total Disablement: In case an insured person suffers a severe accident resulting in permanent total disablement, they will receive a lump sum payment as compensation.

  • Permanent Partial Disablement: If the insured person suffers a partial disablement as a result of an accident, they may receive a proportionate amount of the sum insured, depending on the severity of the disability.

  • Temporary Total Disablement: If the insured person is temporarily unable to work due to an accident, they may receive a weekly or monthly benefit to replace lost income during the recovery period.

  • Medical Expenses: Group Personal Accident insurance may cover the medical expenses incurred by the insured person due to an accident, including hospitalization, treatment, and rehabilitation costs.

  • Funeral Expenses: The policy may also cover reasonable funeral expenses in case of the insured person’s death due to an accident.

  • Transportation Costs: Some policies may cover transportation costs for the insured person to receive medical treatment at a suitable facility in the event of a covered accident.

The key features of Group Business Travel insurance typically include:

  • Emergency Medical Expenses: Coverage for medical expenses incurred if an insured person becomes ill or gets injured during the business trip. This includes hospitalization, doctor’s fees, prescription medications, and emergency medical evacuation if necessary.

  • Repatriation: In the unfortunate event of the death of an insured person during the trip, the policy may cover the costs of repatriating their remains to their home country.

  • Trip Cancellation or Interruption: Reimbursement for pre-paid and non-refundable travel expenses (e.g., flights, accommodation) if the trip is cancelled or interrupted due to covered reasons, such as illness, injury, or death of the insured person or a close family member.

  • Leisure Travel: As an optional extension to cover, certain packages can provide travel insurance for all individuals of the company and their associated spouses/partners & dependants, including winter sports cover. (Some insurers restrict this to directors only and require the number of business trips to outweigh the leisure trips to allow the cover)

  • Travel Delay: Compensation for additional accommodation, meals, and transportation expenses incurred due to unexpected and necessary travel delays (e.g., flight delays).

  • Baggage and Personal Belongings: Coverage for loss, theft, or damage to personal baggage and belongings during the trip.

  • Personal Liability: Protection against legal liability arising from accidental injury to third parties or damage to their property during the business trip.

  • Legal Assistance: Access to legal advice and assistance in case of legal issues arising during the trip.

  • Missed Departure: Coverage for additional expenses if the insured person misses their pre-booked transport due to circumstances beyond their control (e.g., public transport delay, traffic accident).

  • Hijack and Kidnap: Some policies may offer coverage for ransom payments or support services in the event of hijack or kidnap situations.

  • 24/7 Emergency Assistance: Access to a helpline for immediate assistance in case of emergencies, such as medical emergencies or travel-related issues.

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